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Practice Areas


We have significant experience in all areas of acquisitions, sales, exchanges and leases of real estate. We represent our clients in foreclosures, and in the negotiation and execution of contracts.

We also have experience in annexation, land development and eminent domain. We design property protection plans according to the needs of our clients. Our team can provide comprehensive studies of property records, including land registry control plans, restrictions on regulatory plans and full title investigations to prepare detailed opinions on titles.

We also have the necessary experience to handle special documents such as mortgage certificates, trust agreements, condominium statutes, purchase agreements, reciprocal promises of purchase and transfer of deeds.


In litigation, we have fought and won a series of property fraud cases in the criminal and civil courts. We also specialize in all types of litigation related to real estate property and corporations, as well as offer alternatives such as mediation and arbitration to our clients when a dispute arises.

In matters of commercial conflicts, the application of current consumer protection laws is also contemplated. The area of specialization in judicial disputes includes the Civil and Commercial Courts, the Courts of Agricultural Conflicts as well as the Contentious Administrative Courts, which is where lawsuits are filed against Governmental institutions.


Many of our corporate clients rely on our expertise for general counsel services, to be able to assist in every major type of financial transaction in Costa Rica, including general corporate representation and acquisitions and corporate finance. We structure these transactions to satisfy our clients and to attract prospective investors. In registering different corporation types, we help structuring the best possible articles of incorporation according to specific needs.

We also provide additional services for corporations, including: issuing certificates of stock, maintaining corporate minute books and preparing corporate minutes; set the order of business for general assemblies on regular or special meetings, handling incorporations of new entities; open branches from foreign companies,  qualifying existing corporations to conduct business in Costa Rica and preparing corporate resolutions. We can also provide bookkeeping services.



We provide advice on how to create smart structures for all assets acquired in Costa Rica, with special focusing on real estate, so that any of our customers can be sure that their assets end in the desired hands in case of death. Having a will in your country of origin does not imply that the holdings in Costa Rica are protected, since many of these instruments will be invalid here because of the existence of special regulations regarding wills.

And for the instruments that can have effect, there is an extremely complicated, slow and expensive procedure to enforce them. In view of the foregoing, it is better to prepare and sign a will in Costa Rica exclusively for properties acquired in this country.

For those married couples it is also possible to execute a Joint Will that contains different types of provisions in case of separate or simultaneous deaths. Any will can be revoked or modified at any time provided the principal is alive to do so. It is very important to clarify that, in the case of dying without a will in the country, the law indicates those with legitimate right to receive the assets, which exist as a front line the wife, children and parents of the deceased.

In case of death, the procedure may be filed in Court or be executed by a notary public, depending on the circumstances. There are other alternatives, which can be suggested according to the particular needs of each client.



We represent businesses in connection with their lending relations and asset protection in Costa Rica. We serve as local counselors for non-resident national and international businesses and corporations, with respect to their local credit problems.

We specialize in documents like promissory notes, mortgages, pledges and offer expedited reintegration of assets through foreclosures and asset confiscation. We are also capable to provide credit reports of individuals and corporations in Costa Rica, as well as having connections with a company dedicated to escrow services for monetary transactions.



All types of notarization services are available: Notarization, constitution, registration and amendment of business corporations or associations, drafting of agreements, last will and testaments, codicil to wills, transactions with rights, transference and alienation of real estate or movable properties, constitution of mortgages, pledges or other guarantees, affidavits, lease agreements, general power of attorney, documents with Apostille stamp to be sent abroad, acknowledgements, loan agreements and notary documentation in general.